Chain of Command

The Age of Warscape Staff Team are groups of individuals who manage the community, ranging from general management to conduct enforcement.

The Network staff include the developers, administrators, and moderators. Below is a list of all staff positions, what they do, and their role. The list descends down the hierarchy of command.

ILMX - Members of ILMXStudios. They are in charge of virtually everything within the network, and own Age of Warscape and its properties. They have the final say in all decisions, and supervise everything. They are identified by a blue badge and name online and a blue prefix in-game. There are only currently four members of ILMX.
Administration - Individuals in charge of the upkeep and maintenance of the network, along with the establishment of policies and rules. With ILMX approval, Administrators can change almost anything within the network, and can access both frontend and backend data. Age of Warscape Developers are included as Administrators. Admins are identified with a red badge and name online and a red name in-game.
Marshals - Representatives and task managers of Administrators. Helps forward policies to moderators, and acts as a way for moderators to notify administrators. Marshals are also in charge of the tasking of staff, along with the assignment and promotion of staff members. They are identified by a salmon badge and name online and a dark red name in-game.
Lead Moderator - The Lead Moderator is an individual who is in charge of the moderation side of the staff team. They act as the overseer to the moderators, and pass down information from Marshals as necessary. They are also in charge of the approval of new moderators, and help set forth moderation policies and guides. They are identifiable by a dark green badge and name online and a green name in-game.
Chief Moderators - Senior, trusted moderators who are the immediate supervisors of moderators. Chief Moderators enforce policy upon the moderators assigned to them, and keep track of their assigned moderators' actions. Chief Moderators are also trusted to moderate with little to no supervision. They are identified by an olive green badge and name online and an olive green name in-game.
Moderators - Also referred to as Global Moderators, these individuals are able to moderate all areas of the network, and help enforce the Code of Conduct across the network. They have global permissions both in-game and on the website. They are loosely supervised, and are trusted to do their jobs without constant assistance. They are identified by a green badge and name online and a green name in-game.
Sectional Moderators - Moderators that enforce the Code of Conduct within a specific area within the network. They only have permissions within the area they moderate, and are powerless outside of their assigned area. Sectionals can be assigned to anywhere on the website or in-game. They require constant supervision and are assigned a Global Moderator to assist them. They are identified by a light green badge and name online and a light green name in-game.
OJT (On-the-Job Training) Moderators - Moderators that have had their applications and interviews approved and are going through moderation training. Learning how to perform their duties, constantly supervised by Sectionals and Globals. Have no actual moderator permissions outside training areas, but are to be treated and respected as such. Once approved by a Marshal, OJT Moderators become Sectionals. They are identified by a badge online, and have no other distinguishing features.

Not included in the chain (non staff roles):
These special roles below, while not being considered staff nor are not part of the chain of command, but still play a role within the Staff Team's purpose.

Support Team - A group of volunteers who provide professional support to players. Have no power over the userbase and are not given special permissions in-game or on the forum. They do, however, manage the customer support area. Support Team is identified by a purple badge and name online. They have no identifiers in-game.
Vacant Moderator - A Sectional Moderator who does not have an assigned area to moderate yet. Vacant Moderators have no special permissions, though they are shortly assigned to an area. They are identified the same was as a normal Sectional Moderator.
Red Flag - Non-staff players who show leadership qualities, exemplify professionalism and community standards, and are trusted by administration to show integrity, respect, and to keep the community clean and provide help to any players in need of it. Individuals are trusted to be leaders and to be who others go to for help. Red Flags, however, have no special permissions or access, and cannot issue punishments. Red Flag users are identified by the possession of the Red Flag Medal as seen on their online profile.
Retired Staff - Former mods who were retired from their position under resignation or a normal dismissal (other that disciplinary). Retired Staff have a special badge online and a star next to their name in-game. Retired Chief Moderators, Lead Moderators, and Marshals are marked as appropriate.
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