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The Age of Warscape Code of Conduct - Rules to follow when participating in the Age of Warscape community

Age of Warscape

Code of Conduct


In order to keep the community clean and orderly, several rules have been put in place that are mandatory to follow, regardless of rank or publicity. The Code of Conduct applies within all Age of Warscape communities and products, such as in-game, the forums, or on social platforms, that are managed by ILMXStudios or the Age of Warscape Development Team. All users, including staff members, are to be mandated by the Code of Conduct, and must read through, memorize, and follow every rule established. Rules may be added, modified, or removed at any time, though the community will be notified of the changes before they are finalized.

Failure to follow the Code of Conduct will result in moderator or administrative action.


In order to participate in the Age of Warscape community and play the game freely, you may not engage in the following:

  • Harass, embarrass, threaten or do anything to another user that is uncalled for, unwanted, or insulting. This includes posting insulting, abusive, or offensive content about other users, repeatedly sending unwanted messages (spam or soliciting), or attacking/harassing a player based on race, sexual orientation, religion, heritage, nationality, gender, etc. Hate speech and discriminatory speech is also not tolerated anywhere on Age of Warscape.
  • Hacking, attempting to hack, or using client modifications that give an unfair advantage over other users. Hacking and attempting to hack will receive immediate administrative attention.
  • Post content that is Not Safe for Work (NSFW). This includes posting, linking to, or sending pornography, extreme gore/violence, or anything that would be labelled 18+. This also includes fan art, fanfiction, and roleplaying.
  • Post, transmit, link, share, encourage, or request illegal content. Illegal content includes warez, pirated software/content, viruses, phishing, hacks, or content deemed illegal underneath United States jurisdiction. Posting, encouraging, or requesting such content will cause administration to be notified, or, in some cases, have the authorities or Federal Bureau of Investigation notified.
  • Attempt to upload, link, or distribute files that contain viruses, malware, worms, phishing scams, or corrupted data
  • Create an alternate account ("alt account", or just "alt") for the purpose of disobeying or evading the rules to avoid punishment. Alternate accounts created for this purpose will be subject to moderator review, and the main account will also receive punishment. This also includes creating an account to evade punishment.
  • Create spam and clutter, use all caps "shouting", or disrupting the flow of chat.
  • Post, link, share, or distribute content that is offensive, harmful, libelous, or vulgar.
  • "Troll" other users, which is defined as creating or sharing content that serves to intentionally invoke strong, negative, and emotional responses for the purpose of shock or outrage. Personal attacks may also constitute as trolling, though these will often fall under other rules.
  • Impersonating other individuals, along with staff members, such as ILMXStudios, developers, support team, moderators, or volunteers.
  • Create, link, or share content that has the sole purpose of advertising, along with promotional advertising, chain letters, pyramid schemes, or even social media. Advertising may be moderator approved, though cases like this are rare. Advertising may also be classified as spam, as well.
  • Leaking or sharing another user's personal information without their knowledge or consent. Also known as "doxxing". Users caught doing this will often receive immediate moderator attention. On some occasions, administration will be notified.
  • Exploiting bugs and glitches to gain an unfair advantage, or to find workarounds for how the game/product is supposed to function.
  • Attempt to acquire personal/sensitive information from other users, such as passwords, account information, or other personal information. ILMXStudios, nor any type of staff member, will ever ask for this information, and neither should anybody, regardless of rank or position.
  • Creating false reports/applications as a joke, to falsely accuse someone out of spite, or for the sake of trolling. Administration may often take notice of this.
  • Using, distributing, or requesting macro or cheat programs.
  • Modify, decompile, or reverse-engineer anything you are not authorized to. This will also be a direct violation of the Age of Warscape EULA, and will result in your account's access being revoked (either temporarily or permanently).
  • Buy, sell, auction, barter, or trade accounts or in-game items.
  • Attempt to interfere, hack, or intercept any server-based communications.
  • Upload or claim ownership over copyrighted content that does not belong to you/authorized to share.
  • Do anything that hinders or interferes with other users ability to play Age of Warscape or access its services. This includes Distributed Denial of Service Attacks (DDoS) or interfering communications. This will often result in administrative attention.
  • Use a modified/unauthorized/unlicensed client to play Age of Warscape.
  • Insult, disrespect, or refuse to listen to staff members.
  • Use Age of Warscape and/or its services in any way that it was not intended to be used for.


How we enforce the Code of Conduct


The Age of Warscape Code of Conduct is primarily enforced by the Age of Warscape Moderation Team, which is a team of volunteered players who are trained and instructed on how to enforce the CoC, along with how to deal with users to violate it. On most occasions, violations of the Code are dealt with by a Moderator. There are a few possible punishments that can be issued to a user:

Warn - A warn is a formal notice issued to a user that acts as a reminder for a user on a violated rule and as a discipline tool. A warn issued for a minor reason can expire and be erased from the system, whereas a warn for a more serious reason will be permanently attached to a user.

Mute - A mute is a temporary punishment that prevents a user from using in-game chat and most forums. Users who are muted still have access to gameplay features and most online features, though they are unable to send any messages. Mutes are often used to punish chat/message-related violations, and are usually for repeated offenses. However, some violations can cause a mute to be issued firsthand without prior warning. The longest a mute can be is a week.

Suspension - A suspension is a punishment that, not only locks a user out from chat, but also restricts many social/interactive features. Gameplay is still available, though many social features, such as group missions or raids, are restricted, and many forum features are restricted. Suspensions are often used for more serious offenses or repeated offenses. A suspension is also used as a medium punishment to help control a rule-breaking user, but the verdict is undecided at the moment. Suspensions can be temporary or permanent.

Temporary Ban - A temporary ban is the total lockout of one's account for a set amount of time. Banned users have no access to the game or the forums, and must either wait out the ban or appeal for it (though waiting it out is recommended). A temporary ban can last at most a month, though can be extended in rare cases (with approval from administration).

Permanent Ban - A permanent ban, like a temporary ban, is the total lockout of one's account. However, this ban does not expire, and the only option to access the account is to appeal for it. Permanent bans are only for extreme cases, and require administrative approval.

Termination - A termination is the deletion of one's account, and the possible ban on the registering email/IP address. This punishment is a final resort, and only used in extreme cases. This punishment cannot be given by a moderator, as it can only be issued by administration.

More often than not, punishments are worked up the chain, from a verbal warning to a temporary ban. Some violations, however, may result in a certain punishment to be immediately issued regardless. Moderators have the final say in punishments, although users are allowed to appeal for a punishment on most occasions.

While moderators deal the most when it comes to code enforcement, administration will rarely aid in enforcement. However, administration is only invoked when a serious offense has been convicted, and investigation is required. When administration is involved, more often than not, a much more serious punishment, such as an extended temp ban or even a termination, is often the verdict issued by administration. Administrators are recognized by red banners underneath their names on the forums, and red text/prefix in-game. It is never a good sign when administration is invoked when it comes to rule enforcement.

Red Flag users do not have the authority to issue punishments.


Extra Information

If you ever see a player violating the Code of Conduct anywhere, please report them ASAP at

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